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What's New?

I am completely rennovating DMMuse!  The new and improved DMMuse is available during the rennovation in beta form below:

What is DMMuse?

DMMuse is a collaborative database of RPG Tables of all sorts, and a randomized content generator. You can create and populate Tables for anything from the physical traits of dragons to bizzare material spell components.  Being completely open, you are free to contribute entries to not only the Tables you created, but any Table available on DMMuse.

Help Feed the Muse!

Contribute your own Table entries, your own seed names for our name generators, and even submit your own Tables.  DMMuse will only be as good as the community members who contribute to it.  To learn more follow the links under the Features section to the left.

The DMMuse Dashboard

If you are logged into DMMuse.com, you'll see a link at the top of the menu that says My Dashboard.  Here you can set up the Tables you need to use most frequently, all in one handy place.  The DMMuse Dashboard is perfect for game masters who want leverage the power of DMMuse.com during a session.


Who will the party encounter in that town or city, and are they what they seem?
Mundane Gear

What does an NPC possess, or what do the PCs find in that drawer?
Monster's Loot Bag

What kind of foul items were those kobolds or goblins that you just slaughtered carrying?
Nasty Mutations

What kind of dire effects will exposure to that necrotic energy produce?