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Master Table List

Below is a list of all tables available on DMMUse. You can use these tables to randomize the contents of any entries you submit. For example, use the tag [@Colors] in your entry to pull a random color out of the Colors table. For more details, see the page on generator syntax.

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Table NameTable KeyEntry CountDescription
Adjectives Adjectives128These adjectives are used in composing titles for NPCs.
Age CategoriesAgeCategories11Generates a random age category for an NPC.
AgesAges5How old something is.
Alchemist GoodsAlchemistGoods24What you might find at the local Alchemist's shop.
Altar MaterialsAltarMaterials13Material that an altar might be made from.
AltarsAltars6Description and effects of an altar found in the wilderness or dungeon.
Animal DispositionsAnimalDispositions55Dispositions of creatures with animal intelligence.
AnimalsAnimals161Your everyday, non-mythical animals.
Aquatic RacesAquaticRaces12Undersea races.
ArcaneCreaturesArcaneCreatures7Arcane creatures.
ArmorArmor13Armor from 5e PHB.
Armor PiecesArmorPieces13Pieces of armor.
Art ObjectsArtObjects46Art objects for treasures. Used in the Treasure Generator. Append a value=X tag to indicate the value of the object.
ArtisansToolsArtisansTools17Artisans' Tools
ArtObjectsLargeArtObjectsLarge10Large art objects.
BanesBanes17Effects of banes.
Basic ColorsBasicColors12Basic colors like red, green blue, etc. Use the @Colors table to get more exotic colors.
BeveragesBeverages41Typical beverages that might be found on the menu of an inn or tavern. You can specify a tag like "Price=1" to indicate the typical price, in copper pieces.
BldgBldg82Short form buildings in a settlement.
BookAdjectivesBookAdjectives20Adjectives to describe books.
BookPrefixBookPrefix16Prefixes for book titles.
BookSpecialBookSpecial20Special characteristics of books.
BookSubjectsBookSubjects24Subjects of books.
BookSuffixBookSuffix36Suffixes for book names.
BookTitlesBookTitles16Random book titles.
BookTypesBookTypes30Types of books.
BoonsBoons11Boon effects.
Building MaterialsBuildingMaterials18Materials that basic buildings are composed of.
BuildingLocationsBuildingLocations8Locations for buildings within a settlement.
BuildingsBuildings54Random buildings for any city or town.
BuildingShapesBuildingShapes8Building shapes.
Character ClassesCharacterClasses12Character classes.
ChromaticDragonsChromaticDragons5Chromatic dragon colors.
CitiesCities4A short description of a city in the game world. Use the text @CityName in the entry to specify the name of the city, DMMuse will substitute a random city name. The entry might also draw from the sub-tables @CityRulers and @CityFeatures, see the list of current entries for examples.
City RulersCityRulers17Rulers of major cities in the game world.
CityFeaturesCityFeatures36That special something that makes a city unique and memorable in the game world.
CityFortressesCityFortresses2Strongholds for human realms in the campaign map generator.
CityFortressFeaturesCityFortressFeatures9Features of strongholds for human realms in the campaign map generator.
CityNamesCityNames4Names for cities.
CitySatellitesCitySatellites6Satellites for human cities in the campaign map generator.
CitySupportGroupsCitySupportGroups14Groups that can support things in a city.
ClothingClothing17Items of clothing.
Collection ItemsCollectionItems130Things that NPCs might have an interest in collecting.
Colors Colors85A list of colors.
Cooking MethodsCookingMethods14Methods to cook meat or vegetables.
CorridorsCorridors5Dungeon corridors.
Court MembersCourtMembers37Members of a medieval court. The following tags are recognized by the DMMuse noble house generator: sex=male sex=female allowmultiples=yes
Craft ItemsCraftItems16Items that might be crafted by human or demi-human races for trade.
CreatureCreature9Man, woman, monster?
CreatureTypesCreatureTypes4General creature types
CultBossesCultBosses22Things that cults worship.
Curses Curses74Effects of a curse.
DamageTypesDamageTypes10Damage types from the 5e PHB.
DefensesDefenses8Steading defenses.
DefensibleAreasDefensibleAreas5Defensible Areas.
DeityDomainsDeityDomains65Extended domains, more detailed than basic PHB domains.
Demi-Human TypesDemiHumanTypes7Human and demi-human racial types.
DesertNamesDesertNames6Desert name generator.
DesertPrefixDesertPrefix118Prefix for desert names.
DesertSuffixDesertSuffix15Suffixes for desert names.
DirDir16Directions toward a place.
DirectionsDirections4Compass directions
DispositionsDispositions22How something is generally viewed by the people.
District FlavorDistrictFlavor24Additional flavor elements to describe districts. Append an optional tag Quality=X where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle class, or 3 for wealthy.
District RepDistrictRep24District reputation, what it's known for. Optionally append a tag, Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle class, or 3 for wealthy.
District TypesDistrictTypes7General names for district types.
DistrictsDistricts45Settlement districts. Optionally append the entry with a tag, Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle class, or 3 for wealthy.
DnDFamousDnDFamous11Famous individuals in D
Document ContentsDocumentContents6Contents of a document (note, journal, etc. found in the dungeon).
DomainsDomains8Clerical domains.
Dragon TypesDragonTypes10Dragon types.
DragonbornNamesDragonbornNames8Dragonborn names.
Dungeon AdjectivesDungeonAdjectives33Adjectives used to generate dungeon names.
Dungeon DressingDungeonDressing198Dungeon dressing items.
Dungeon EventsDungeonEvents46Random dungeon events and encounters. Specity a tag like "Level=1" to indicate the desired dungeon level, and "Type=Orc" to specify the flavor of the encounter or event.
Dungeon GraffitiDungeonGraffiti24Messages scrawled on the walls of a dungeon.
Dungeon MapsDungeonMaps13What a map found in the dungeon contains. Used by the Dungeon Generator.
Dungeon NamesDungeonNames21Dungeon name generator.
Dungeon Names PrefixDungeonNamesPrefix31Prefixes for dungeon names.
Dungeon Names SuffixDungeonNamesSuffix29Suffixes for dungeon names.
Dungeon Room QualitiesDungeonRoomQualities33Adjectives that describe a dungeon room. Used in the Dungeon Generator.
Dungeon RoomsDungeonRooms129Dungeon rooms for the Dungeon Generator. Optionally append tags to specify the room theme(s) (Themes=X,X) and/or the specific dungeon room template (Template=X) that should be used for this entry.
Dungeon Site NamesDungeonSiteNames28General names of dungeon sites.
Dungeon Theme BossesDungeonThemeBosses12Bosses for dungeon themes.
Dungeon Theme FlairDungeonThemeFlair14Pieces of extra flair that can appear in dungeon rooms that are theme-specific. Use the theme=X tag to denote the theme. Preface the entry with "Contains:" for general dungeon dressing, "Trap:" for traps, etc.
Dungeon Theme NamesDungeonThemeNames40Used for the dungeon name generator.
DungeonCreatorsDungeonCreators27Dungeon creators.
DungeonHistoryDungeonHistory4Dungeon histories.
DungeonHistory1DungeonHistory17Part 1 of dungeon histories.
DungeonHistory2DungeonHistory27Part 2 of dungeon history.
DungeonPurposeDungeonPurpose11Dungeon purposes.
DW SpellsDWSpells2Dungeon World spells.
Dwarf NamesDwarfNames8Generates random dwarf names.
Dwarf PrefixDwarfPrefix49Prefixes for dwarf clan names.
Dwarf SuffixDwarfSuffix54Suffixes for dwarf clan names.
DwarfCitiesDwarfCities2Dwarf cities.
DwarfCityFeaturesDwarfCityFeatures12Features for dwarf cities.
DwarfCityNamesDwarfCityNames5Names for dwarf cities.
DwarfCityRulersDwarfCityRulers4Rulers of dwarf holds.
DwarfCitySatellitesDwarfCitySatellites4Satellites for dwarf cities in the campaign map generator.
DWClericSpellsDWClericSpells30Dungeon World Cleric spells, weighted by inverse of level.
DWHirelingCostsDWHirelingCosts8Costs for Dungeon World hirelings.
DWHirelingSkillsDWHirelingSkills15Skills for Dungeon World hirelings.
DWInstinctsDWInstincts100Dungeon World instincts.
DWKnacksDWKnacks100Dungeon World knacks.
DWPoisonsDWPoisons4Dungeon World poisons.
DWSteadingItemDWSteadingItem28Additional items for Dungeon World steadings.
DWSteadingProblemDWSteadingProblem30Problems for Dungeon World steadings.
DWSteadingTagsDWSteadingTags38Steading Tags.
DWTreasureItemsDWTreasureItems66Dungeon World treasure items.
DWWizardSpellsDWWizardSpells27Dungeon World Wizard spells, weighted by inverse of level.
Elf NamesElfNames4Random elf names.
ElfCityRulersElfCityRulers4Elf city rulers.
Encounter DescriptorsEncounterDescriptors139Descriptors for randomly encountered monsters.
EncounterActionsEncounterActions114Short descriptions of what randomly encountered monsters are doing. You can use the following optional tags to target the description to certain types of encounters.<br><ul><li>alignment=A, where a is an alignment such as CE, LG, N, G</li><li>count=C, where C can equal "solo" or "group"</li><li>type=T, where T is a monster type or name, such as "humanoid", "orc", "fiend" or "bandit"</li><li>terrain=T, where T is a terrain code such as A for arctic, D for desert, W for underwater, X for urban, * for dungeon</li></ul>
EncounterComplicationsEncounterComp74Complications that can occur during an encounter. Add tag=T after your entry so the complication can be targeted to a specific terrain, where "T" can be a terrain code like "A" for arctic, "G" for grassland, "W" for underwater, "X" for urban, or "*" for dungeon.
English Sounding Town NamesEnglishSoundingTownN6English Sounding town names.
Evil DeedsEvilDeeds8Evil deeds used in the rumor generator.
Evil GodsEvilGods46Those evil cults have to worship someone.
Evil Ruler ActionsEvilRulerActions5Evil ruler actions.
ExoticGoodsServicesExoticGoodsServices15Exotic goods and services.
Eye ColorsEyeColors9Eye colors.
FactionAdjectivesFactionAdjectives22Words to describe factions or similar entities.
FactionsFactions44Groups that might be fighting over something.
Family MembersFamilyMembers13Immediate family members.
FermentedFermented18Things that can be fermented.
FlavorsFlavors131Flavor descriptors.
Food ItemsFoodItems11Items of food.
Food QualityFoodQuality15Quality of foodstuffs.
ForestNamesForestNames6Forest name generator.
ForestPrefixForestPrefix105Prefixes for forest names.
ForestSuffixForestSuffix13Suffixes for forest names.
Fortress OwnersFortressOwners2Those who own strongholds.
Fortress PrefixFortressPrefix20Descriptive terms for fortresses. Can refer to their size, what material they are built from, or other adjectives.
Fortress ProtectingFortressProtecting12What is the fortress protecting?
Fortress TypesFortressTypes14Types of fortresses.
FortressDescriptionsFortressDescriptions3Descriptions for fortresses.
FortressesFortresses11Random fortresses that represent possible Major Encounters on the DMMuse hex map generator.
FruitsFruits19Types of fruits.
FurnitureAdjectivesFurnitureAdjectives21Adjectives used to describe furniture or furnishings.
Gambling EventsGamblingEvents2Events for the gambling generator.
GamingSetsGamingSets4Gaming Sets.
Gas EffectsGasEffects9Effects of gasses in a dungeon.
GemsGems120The DMMuse [gem] syntax uses this table to generate random gems. Your entry should include a tag like "value=100" to specify the base value of a standard sized instance of the gem. You can also specify the gem's description in the entry, but keep it brief and place it in parenthesis. For example: mygem (gold speckled) value=10
GemstonesGemstones52Gemstones used by the DMMuse Gem Generator. Specify the base value of the gem using a "value=x" tag, replacing the "x" with the gem's base value.
Genasi NamesGenasiNames2Names for Genasi and other elemental creatures.
GlyphsGlyphs21Pictographic glyphs.
Gnome NamesGnomeNames8Randomly generated gnome names.
GnomeTownNamesGnomeTownNames3Names for gnome towns.
GodsGods71Well known deities.
GolemTypesGolemTypes4Golem types.
GoodDeedsGoodDeeds9Good deeds used in the rumor generator.
GovernmentBodiesGovernmentBodies6Types of leading government bodies.
GuildNamePrefixGuildNamePrefix40Prefixes for guild names.
GuildNamesGuildNames5Guild names.
GuildNameSuffixGuildNameSuffix17Suffixes for guild names.
Hair ColorsHairColors26Hair colors.
Halfling NamesHalflingNames8Randomly generated halfling names.
Halfling PrefixHalflingPrefix88Prefixes for halfling surnames
Halfling SuffixHalflingSuffix64Suffixes for halfling surnames.
HalflingTownNamesHalflingTownNames3Names of halfling towns.
Hex FortressesHexFortresses7Fortresses that appear on the DMMuse random hex map generator.
Hex Minor EncountersHexMinorEncounters53Minor encounters for hexes in the DMMuse hex map generator.
Hex Natural PhenomsHexNaturalPhenoms17Natural phenomenon encounters for the DMMuse hex map generator.
Hex Religious OrdersHexReligiousOrders3Religious orders that appear on hex maps from the DMMuse hex map generator.
Hex RuinsHexRuins5Ruins that appear in hexes in the DMMuse hex map generator.
Hex SettlementsHexSettlements16Cities and towns for the DMMuse hex map generator.
HexEncountersHexEncounters4Random encounters
HexWaterEncountersHexWaterEncounters10Water encounter for the hex map.
HighElfCitiesHighElfCities1High elf cities.
HighElfCityFeaturesHighElfCityFeatures14High elf city features.
HighElfCityNamesHighElfCityNames3Elf city names.
HighElfCitySatellitesHighElfCitySatellite4Satellites for high elf cities in the campaign map generator.
HirelingsHirelings1Hireling generator.
HistoricalEventsHistoricalEvents5Historical events.
HolySitesHolySites11Types of holy sites.
Human NamesHumanNames21Random human names.
Humanoid Types HumanoidTypes30Humanoid monster types.
Insanities Insanities20Types of insanity.
Interests Interests111Things that NPCs might be interested in.
JewelryJewelry12Jewelry items.
JobsJobs71Various jobs in medieval society.
JungleNamesJungleNames6Jungle name generator.
JunglePrefixJunglePrefix174Prefixes for jungle names.
JungleSuffixJungleSuffix13Suffixes for jungle names.
LandmarkAdjectivesLandmarkAdjectives22Adjectives to describe important landmarks.
Literary ThemesLiteraryThemes98The subject of an epic poem or a great novel.
LivestockLivestock14Livestock animals.
LocationAdjectivesLocationAdjectives13Adjectives to describe a location.
Lycanthropy Lycanthropy8Types of Lycanthropes.
MagicItemHistoriesMagicItemHistories11Histories of magic items.
MagicItemMinorPropsMagicItemMinorProps20Magic Item minor properties.
MagicItemOriginsMagicItemOrigins40Magic item origins, from the 5e DMG.
MagicItemQuirksMagicItemQuirks12Quirks for magic items.
MagicItemsMagicItems1A hook into the DMMuse magic item table.
MagicSchoolsMagicSchools8Schools of magic.
Mannerisms Mannerisms392Behavioral mannerisms for NPCs.
MealsMeals61Each entry should describe a single item that might appear on the menu of an inn or tavern. You can specify text like "Price=20" to specify the price of the item, in copper pieces.
MetallicDragonsMetallicDragons5Metallic dragon colors.
Methods of ControlMethodsofControl11Methods that a leader uses to maintain control over their subjects.
MiningMining18Anything that can be mined.
MinorEnemiesMinorEnemies8Minor enemies used in the rumor generator.
Monster MakerMonsterMaker0A table containing common characteristics found in monsters and fantasy entities, along with randomized stats.
Monster's Loot Bag MonstersLootBag83Various sundry items that might be found on the carcasses of recently slain monsters.
MonsterGoalsMonsterGoals42Monster goals, used in campaign map key generator.
MonsterLairsMonsterLairs6Random monster lairs.
MonsterObjectivesMonsterObjectives2Objectives for monstrous humanoids and other intelligent monsters.
MonsterVictimsMonsterVictims9Victims of monsters.
MonstrousRacesMonstrousRaces6Monstrous races from official sources such as VGM.
Motivations Motivations53Things that NPCs might be motivated by.
MountainNamesMountainNames5Names of mountain ranges.
MountainPrefixMountainPrefix129Prefixes for mountain name generator.
MountainSuffixMountainSuffix23Suffixes for mountain names.
Mundane GearMundaneGear363Everyday items or personal effects.
Musical InstrumentsMusicalInstruments49Medieval musical instruments.
NamesNames10Leverages the individual random name generating tables to provide a mix of random fantasy orientaed names.
Nasty Mutations NastyMutations156You never know when you will need a nasty mutation to inflict on an unsuspecting(?) PC.
Neighborhood WealthNeighborhoodWealth5The overall wealth level of a town or city neighborhood.
NeighborhoodsNeighborhoods24Types of neighborhoods to be found in a town or city.
Noble Titles NobleTitles12Each entry should contain a pair of titles, one for the male and one for the female version, separated by a comma.
NoblesNobles4Random noble names, complete with fancy titles.
NoisesNoises24Dungeon noises.
NPC AppearanceNPCAppearance175An NPC's most distinctive physical feature.
NPC BondsNPCBonds56NPC Bonds.
NPC FlawsNPCFlaws154NPC Flaws and Secrets.
NPC IdealsNPCIdeals54NPC Ideals.
NPC Interaction TraitsNPCInteractionTraits106NPC Interaction traits.
NPC MannerismsNPCMannerisms64NPC Mannerisms.
NPC TalentsNPCTalents51NPC Talents.
NPC TraitsNPCTraits5Memorable NPC traits
NPCsNPCs69Non-Player Characters that can be typically found in towns or cities of your game world. Suggested use: let each PC have a starting relationship with a random settlement NPC at character creation time.
Objects of WorshipObjectsofWorship8Gods, demi-gods, saints, devils, demons, and whatever else people in the game world worship.
Open TombOpenTomb14What happens when you open a tomb in a dungeon?
Orc NamesOrcNames9Randomly generated orc names.
Orc PrefixOrcPrefix37Prefixes for orc last names.
Orc SuffixOrcSuffix32Suffixes for orc last names.
OrcCitiesOrcCities3Orc cities for the campaign map generator.
OrcCityFeaturesOrcCityFeatures4Features of orc cities for the campaign map generator.
OrcCityNamesOrcCityNames1Names for orc tribes.
OrcCitySatellitesOrcCitySatellites5Satellite items for orc cities in the campaign map generator.
OrcRulersOrcRulers10Rulers for orc realms.
OrganizationTypesOrganizationTypes8Types of organizations.
Pack AnimalsPackAnimals10Pack animals or monsters.
PaintingSubjectsPaintingSubjects5Subjects of paintings.
Peasant NamesPeasantNames14Random names without any fancy titles.
PersonagesPersonages14Important personages around town.
PersonalityPersonality7This table generates random personality traits, mannerisms, by drawing from the following tables: @PersonalityTraits, @PhysicalTraits, @Mannerisms, @SecretAgendas
Personality Traits PersonalityTraits477Personality traits for NPCs.
Physical Traits PhysicalTraits147Physical traits for NPCs.
Place Type LowerPlaceTypeLower36Used in generating town names.
Place Type UpperPlaceTypeUpper75Used in generating town names.
PlaceTypesPlaceTypes51Types of places for the perilous wilds place name generator.
PlanesPlanes29Planes of existance.
PoorAdjectivesPoorAdjectives25Adjectives to describe poor locations or areas.
Populace NamesPopulaceNames5Names of a population of people.
PotionDescriptionsPotionDescriptions2Potion Descriptions.
PotionSmellsPotionSmells15Potion Smells.
PotionTexturesPotionTextures17Potion Textures.
Precious MetalsPreciousMetals5Precious metals of all kinds.
ProfessionsProfessions447Medieval professions.
PWPlaceNamesPWPlaceNames5Perilous Wilds place names.
PWRegionNamesPWRegionNames7Region names from Perilous Wilds.
QualityOfGoodsQualityOfGoods10Words to describe the quality of goods or services.
Quarry MaterialsQuarryMaterials9Materials that can be mined from a quarry.
RacesRaces26Playable Races.
Random EffectsRandomEffects1Leverage other tables to return a random effect that can be beneficial or harmful.
Random Street NamesRandomStreetNames1This (incomplete) table will create a random name for a street.
RandomTerrainNamesRandomTerrainNames5Names for random terrain elements.
RareMetalsRareMetals28Very rare metals.
Realms of Chaos Personal Attribute GeneratorRealmsofChaosPersona0The infamous chaos attribute table from Realms of Chaos, now in electronic form.
RelationsRelations40Relations between factions.
RelationshipsRelationships34A relationship, between two NPCs for example. Entries should use a special syntax containing two tokens that will be replaced with the names of the NPCs. The form that you can use for these tokens is @NPC, @NPCMale, or @NPCFemale. Use @NPC if you don't care if the NPC is male or female. For example, to create a male to female relationship, craft an entry like this: "@NPCMale is the husband of @NPCFemale".
Religious FocusReligiousFocus19The focus of a religion.
ResourcesResources17Medieval resources.
RichAdjectivesRichAdjectives12Adjectives to describe rich or wealthy locations.
Roadside AttackersRoadsideAttackers9Who or what is about to ambush the PCs as they wander along a remote section of the road?
Rocks and Crystals RocksandCrystals20Possible natures for rocks, crystals and similar formations.
RoomShapesRoomShapes9General room shapes.
RuinsRuins29A ruined site on the hex map. The DMMuse hex map generator uses this table in conjunction with the @RuinsState and @RuinsEffect to create random ruins for the map. This generator is based on Robert Lionheart's Random Ruin Generator article in Knockspell magazine #3, published by <a href="http://www.swordsandwizardry.com/" target="_blank">Mythmere Games</a>.
Ruins EffectRuinsEffect21Are there monsters in the ruins, or a more devious effect at play here?
Ruins StateRuinsState16Just how badly damaged and ruined are those ruins?
Ruler ActionsRulerActions8Ruler actions.
RulersRulers34Types of settlement rulers.
Ruling BodiesRulingBodies10Ruling bodies for settlements.
RumorAntagonistsRumorAntagonists24Antagonists for rumors.
RumorEnemiesRumorEnemies2Enemies used in the rumor generator.
RumorLivingObjectsRumorLivingObjects4Living McGuffins for rumors.
RumorObjectsRumorObjects12Objects, or MgGuffins, for rumors.
RumorProtagonistsRumorProtagonists5Protagonists for the rumor generator.
RumorsRumors133General rumors.
SeaNamePrefixSeaNamePrefix113Prefixes for sea or ocean names.
SeaNamesSeaNames5Names of seas or oceans.
Secret Agendas SecretAgendas69Most NPCs are distinguished by a personality or perhaps physcial trait, but some special individuals harbor hidden desires and agendas that define their behavior and their lives.
SemiPreciousMetalsSemiPreciousMetals3Semi-precious metals.
SentientPurposesSentientPurposes9Purpose of sentient magic item.
Settlement DescriptorsSettlementDescriptor471Adjectives used to describe settlements.
SettlementLandmarksSettlementLandmarks35Landmarks in a settlement. Optionally include a tag at the end, Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle class, or 3 for rich.
ShipTypesShipTypes11Medieval ships.
ShopKeeperHonestyShopKeeperHonesty10Honest of shop keepers.
Signs of OfficeSignsofOffice10Official signs of office.
SmellsSmells16Dungeon smells.
SoundsSounds11Strange sounds.
StatsStats6The basic D
Statue SubjectsStatueSubjects23Things statues can represent.
Storeroom ItemsStoreroomItems11Items in a storeroom.
StrangeAdjectivesStrangeAdjectives26Adjectives to describe something strange.
StrongholdTypesStrongholdTypes10Types of strongholds.
Structure MaterialsStructureMaterials19Materials used to create structures, such as castles, city walls, etc.
Structure SizesStructureSizes12Adjectives that can be used to describe the size of structures, or other similar things.
StructureAdjectivesStructureAdjectives2Adjectives to describe structures.
SwampNamesSwampNames5Swamp name generator.
SwampPrefixSwampPrefix161Prefixes for swamp names.
SwampSuffixSwampSuffix17Suffixes for swamp names.
SymbolsSymbols86Symbols that might be found on a coat of arms, for example.
Tavern DecorTavernDecor62Decorations and embellishments for the tavern generator. Optionally append a tag Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle-class, or 3 for wealthy.
Tavern ExtTavernExt97Tavern Exteriors. Optionally append a tag Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle-class, or 3 for wealthy.
Tavern Name PrefixTavernNamePrefix41Prefixes for random tavern and inn names.
Tavern Name SuffixTavernNameSuffix65Suffixes for randomly generated tavern and inn names.
Tavern NamesTavernNames9Randomly generated tavern and inn names.
Tavern PatronsTavernPatrons104Describes the disposition of a group of patrons at the tavern. You can include a metadata tag such as "Race=dwarf" to specify the race of the patrons, and a tag like "Profession=thief" to specify their profession.
Tavern QualityTavernQuality16Describes the overall quality and vibe of a tavern. You can include some metadata to help the Tavern Generator assign appropriate values. If you include metadata such as "Tables=1d6" (replacing the 1d6 with any valid dice expression) this tells the Generator how many tables of patrons to generate. Include metatata like "Price=1" (replacing the 1 with a value representing a multiple) this tells the Generator how pricey the items in the Tavern should be. Include the metadata "TavernSpecial=1" (replacing the 1 with a number or dice notation) to tell the Generator how many entries from the @TavernSpecial sub-table to include.
Tavern SpecialTavernSpecial16Describes a special circumstance, secret purpose, hidden location, or some other special property of a tavern.
TavernDescriptionsTavernDescriptions3Tavern descriptions.
TavernFlavorTavernFlavor126Flavor entries for the tavern generator. Optionally append a tag Quality=X, where X can be 1 for poor, 2 for middle-class, or 3 for wealthy.
TavernLocationsTavernLocations10Locations inside a tavern.
TavernNamesUniqueTavernNamesUnique725Unique Tavern Names.
TavernRoomsTavernRooms8Accommodations for taverns.
TempleReactionsTempleReactions21Reactions that temples have to visitors.
TemplesTemples1Random temples.
TerrainAdjectivesTerrainAdjectives84Adjectives used for creating Perilous Wilds random terrain names.
TerrainNounsTerrainNouns83Random nouns for the Perilous Wilds terrain and place name generators.
TerrainTypesTerrainTypes49Random terrain types for Perilous Wilds terrain names.
ThievesGuildNamePrefixThievesGuildNamePref12Prefixes for thieves guild names
ThievesGuildNamesThievesGuildNames3Thieves guild names.
ThievesGuildNameSuffThievesGuildNameSuff16Suffixes for thieves guild names.
Throne MaterialsThroneMaterials17Materials of an awesome nature, such that a throne would be built from them.
TitlesTitles283Important sounding titles for characters and NPCs.
Town EconomiesTownEconomies30What towns do to support themselves.
Town FeaturesTownFeatures57Noteworthy features that make the medium sized town unique in the game world.
Town Name Group 1TownNameGroup17First element of town names.
Town Name Group 2TownNameGroup23Groups of words and sounds used in composing town names.
Town Name MiscTownNameMisc199Miscellaneous words and sounds for composing town names.
Town Name PrefixTownNamePrefix26Prefixes for town names.
Town Name SuffixTownNameSuffix100Suffixes for town name composition.
Town Name Words TownNameWords92These words will be mixed by the Generator to produce random town and settlement names.
Town NamesTownNames17Randomly generated town names.
Town PrefixTownPrefix6Prefixes for town names.
Town RulersTownRulers31The Lord, mayor, high council, etc. of a town in the game world.
TownsTowns1Random towns.
Trade GoodsTradeGoods71Typical trade goods in a medieval society.
Trap TriggersTrapTriggers18Trap triggers.
TrapsTraps68Dungeon traps.
TreesTrees48Types of trees.
TrinketsTrinkets345Simple items that are lightly touched with mystery. Useful during character creation and dungeon stocking.
UndeadUndead11Undead of all shapes, sizes, and stages of decay.
ValuablesValuables5Types of valuables.
Vermin Vermin52Types of vermin.
VicesVices11A list of vices.
VillagesVillages1Random villages.
VillainAdjectivesVillainAdjectives16Adjectives to describe villains.
Warlock PatronsWarlockPatrons3Warlock Patrons.
WeaponsWeapons46Your standard medieval weapons.
WeightedSpellsWeightedSpells9Spells weighted inversely by level.
Wilderness EncountersWildernessEncounters56Random wilderness encounters. Optionally append a tag, terrain=X, to specific a terrain.
Wizard Titles WizardTitles14Titles for Wizards.
WizardGuildNamesWizardGuildNames4Names of Wizard Guilds or other arcane organizations.
WizardTypesWizardTypes8Types of Wizards by school.