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D&D 5e NPCs

The 5e Dungeon Master's Guide offers a group of tables to help DM's create interesting and unique NPCs.  Use this generator to create NPCs that follow these guidelines.  And read below to learn how to contribute your own entries to any of the tables!

old yuan-ti pureblood male
Appearance: twitching eyed
Talent: Skilled at fishing
Mannerism: Makes constant puns
Interaction: Happy
Ideal: Faith
Bond: Has had long-time infatuation with someone who is now married to a town VIP, seeks to disrupt/terminate relationship
Flaw: Tactless
Possessions: thieves' tools


Nuts & Bolts

Let's keep the NPCs always fresh and interesting!  Click the links below to add your own entries to the NPC generator tables.

List of Tables used in this Generator: