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Settlement Generator

Click below to generate the groundwork for a town or city. DMMuse provides you a name for the settlement, a prominent NPC, and a list of neighborhoods, each with a wealth-level, primary classification, and landmark. It's your job as a DM to use these sparks of ideas to flesh out a living and breathing settlement for your players.

Generate a

The Town of Azurerose
The smelly town of @CityName, population 2,500. Ruled by a powerful, revered wizard, who claimed rulership after the exile of the previous ruler. The people here worship their ancestors, and claim to even communicate with their spirits via rituals.

This Town has 2 neighborhoods

Neighborhood 1: Middle Class, Sparse Residential District
Landmark: A cheesemaker's shop, whose local cheese is a sharp, deep yellow cheese of crumbling consistency.

Neighborhood 2: Poor, Commercial District
Landmark: A lavish whorehouse run by one Madame Ismengrah, a polite woman.

Prominent NPC: Malpheltab is a captain in a powerful local crime family. Uncomfortable by nature, she is blasphemer with a serious grudge against all religious types.

Other NPCs
Dallyn Millcrystonfoot: old male gnome shill; agitated, really hates to lose...at anything.

The Tangled Web
Malpheltab wants to sell the PCs a treasure map

Nuts and Bolts

  • Names of cities are randomly generated, based on a dictionaty of ancient greek city names.  See our name generator page for more info on how this is done.
  • Names of towns are created by performing a lookup on the @TownNames table, which itself generates most of the names by mashing two entries from the @TownNameWords table together.
  • The @NPCs table is used to bring up a random NPC for the settlement.
  • The @NeighborhoodWealth table is used to set the wealth level, and the @Neighborhoods table determines what type of district it is.
  • The @Buildings table provides the dynamic landmarks for each neighborhood. Many entries in this table contain inline lists, or sub-table lookups, to provide quite a bit of variation on the resilts.
  • To add even more messed up relationships for the locals to sink into, add some entries to the @Relationships table.
  • Don't forget, you can contribute your own entries to any of these tables, we hope you do so to keep DMMuse content fresh and interesting!