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Settlement Generator

Click below to generate the groundwork for a town or city. DMMuse provides you a name for the settlement, a prominent NPC, and a list of neighborhoods, each with a wealth-level, primary classification, and landmark. It's your job as a DM to use these sparks of ideas to flesh out a living and breathing settlement for your players.

Generate a

The Town of Highbarrow
The likeable town of @CityName, population 6,000. Ruled by a creepy, sentient magic item: Ring of Invisibility. It is the site of a gigantic fey tree that shimmers gold.

This Town has 4 neighborhoods

Neighborhood 1: Middle Class, Residential District
Landmark: A human jeweller. When it comes to appraising gems and jewelry brought in, this merchant is a hard bargainer.

Neighborhood 2: Middle Class, Sparse Residential District
Landmark: A huge brewery, whose major output is dark brew.

Neighborhood 3: Impoverished, Hospital District
Landmark: Stables have a good supply of draft horses available.

Neighborhood 4: Well-to-do, Sparse Residential District
Landmark: The Alchemist Saloon Oren run his business here from streetside stand. His special today is 7 acidpoint arrows.

Prominent NPC: Hanh the Azure is a supercentenarian, shriveled, senile wizard. Lives in a hoarded-over, three-story tower in desolate area of town.

Other NPCs
Sibeth Chillon: middle aged female actuary; cropped hair, inventive.

The Tangled Web
Sibeth Chillon becomes attached to a PC and begs them to "take me away from all this"

Nuts and Bolts

  • Names of cities are randomly generated, based on a dictionaty of ancient greek city names.  See our name generator page for more info on how this is done.
  • Names of towns are created by performing a lookup on the @TownNames table, which itself generates most of the names by mashing two entries from the @TownNameWords table together.
  • The @NPCs table is used to bring up a random NPC for the settlement.
  • The @NeighborhoodWealth table is used to set the wealth level, and the @Neighborhoods table determines what type of district it is.
  • The @Buildings table provides the dynamic landmarks for each neighborhood. Many entries in this table contain inline lists, or sub-table lookups, to provide quite a bit of variation on the resilts.
  • To add even more messed up relationships for the locals to sink into, add some entries to the @Relationships table.
  • Don't forget, you can contribute your own entries to any of these tables, we hope you do so to keep DMMuse content fresh and interesting!