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Settlement Generator

Click below to generate the groundwork for a town or city. DMMuse provides you a name for the settlement, a prominent NPC, and a list of neighborhoods, each with a wealth-level, primary classification, and landmark. It's your job as a DM to use these sparks of ideas to flesh out a living and breathing settlement for your players.

Generate a

The Town of Low Shaleshaws
The lavish town of @CityName, population 4,500. Ruled by long lived alchemists who closely guard the secret of an elixir of youth. It is known for its abundance of spell component sources.

This Town has 4 neighborhoods

Neighborhood 1: Wealthy, Arcane University District
Landmark: A massive, abandonned tenement complex that is all but falling down. The only reason it is allowed to remain standing is its status as a historical landmark. It was here that the Mayor's horse was found.

Neighborhood 2: Middle Class, Residential District
Landmark: A stonecutter's workshop that works most often on commissions from the masons' guild.

Neighborhood 3: Wealthy, Hospital District
Landmark: This brutal arena conducts exhibitions for the enjoyment of the nobility. In addition to using conscripts, they welcome would-be gladiators who wish to earn some coin should they survive. The next spectacle will pit the gladiators against troglodytes.

Neighborhood 4: Well-to-do, Sparse Residential District
Landmark: An exclusive fortune teller, Madame Castefque operates out of the back of a wagon. She reads the future by reading palms.

Prominent NPC: Berius Dighlither the "Pole" is probably the tallest human you have ever seen, standing over seven feet tall. He doesn't talk much, except about sport, but when he does, people generally listen.

Other NPCs
Haywood Ryard: youthful male riddler; disinterested, adopts stray animals.
Goddinfrance: young male bookbinder; giggly, missing tooth.

The Tangled Web
Dighlither wants the PCs to help him join the thieves guild
Goddinfrance gets offended by a PC and challenges them to a duel
Goddinfrance becomes enamored with a PC

Nuts and Bolts

  • Names of cities are randomly generated, based on a dictionaty of ancient greek city names.  See our name generator page for more info on how this is done.
  • Names of towns are created by performing a lookup on the @TownNames table, which itself generates most of the names by mashing two entries from the @TownNameWords table together.
  • The @NPCs table is used to bring up a random NPC for the settlement.
  • The @NeighborhoodWealth table is used to set the wealth level, and the @Neighborhoods table determines what type of district it is.
  • The @Buildings table provides the dynamic landmarks for each neighborhood. Many entries in this table contain inline lists, or sub-table lookups, to provide quite a bit of variation on the resilts.
  • To add even more messed up relationships for the locals to sink into, add some entries to the @Relationships table.
  • Don't forget, you can contribute your own entries to any of these tables, we hope you do so to keep DMMuse content fresh and interesting!