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Dungeon Rooms

Table Key: DungeonRooms

Dungeon rooms for the Dungeon Generator. Optionally append tags to specify the room theme(s) (Themes=X,X) and/or the specific dungeon room template (Template=X) that should be used for this entry.

Rough-Hewn Chamber, the walls of this decrepit chamber are unfinished and rough.

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  • [Save[warg|mastiff|wolf|cat|tiger|dog|boar|lizard]]Kennel, [@AnimalDispositions] [Plural[Saved]] are locked in [cramped|cruel|filthy|rattling|locked|suspended|wire] cages. monster=[Saved]
  • Distillery, Three large clay vessels sit atop an old coal pit. Downward sloping copper pipes connect the top of one vessel to the base of its neighbor, and a low channel carved into the floor lies under the the final pipe. Several broken barrels and rusted hoops are gathering cobwebs in the corner.
  • Abattoir, meathooks, blood-stained floor, butcher knives, [Article[@Animals]] is [chained to the floor|hung from the ceiling|chained to the wall|moving about restlessly|quaking in fear] [awaiting|seeking to avoid|destined for] slaughter.
  • Alcove, small side room contains a [grated drain|chain hung on the wall|torch sconces].
  • Altar Chamber, [@Altars]
  • Ambush Point, series of stone columns serve as hiding places for [@PersonalityTraits] kobolds armed with spiked clubs and light crossbows. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Ante Room, [@DungeonRoomQualities] room with [vaulted ceilings|geometric bas-relief designs on walls|walls painted [@BasicColors]].
  • Ante Room, simple [@DungeonRoomQualities] room with [vaulted ceilings|domed ceiling|ceilings frescoed with [@StatueSubjects]].
  • Antechamber, rather large, mostly empty chamber.
  • Apartment, [Article[@PersonalityTraits]] [@Creature] has made [Article[cluttered|makeshift|unlikely|[@PoorAdjectives]]] abode here.
  • Armory, [@DungeonRoomQualities] room contains mostly [rusted|broken down|useless|damaged|inferior] weapons, but [a few|one|a couple of] [good|fine|masterwork|superior|enchanted] [@Weapons](s).
  • Baptismal Font, a ceramic tile 3 ft pool trimmed with brass sits in the center of the room.
  • Barbed Wire, strung across room, inflicts damage and impedes movement. tags=trap
  • Barracks, rows of cots against the walls, a footlocker next to each one.
  • Barrel-Vaulted Hall, the ceiling of this hallway is curved, and its walls are covered in bas reliefs of [@StatueSubjects].
  • Barricaded Room, a [sturdy|flimsy|precarious] barricade of [furniture|overturned tables|corpses|wired stakes|metal spikes] blocks one entryway.
  • Barrow, the earthen walls of this [@DungeonRoomQualities], domed chamber [are crawling with worms|protrude with grotesque roots|have occasional bones poking through]. [Skeletal|Mummified|Decomposed|Ancient] remains lie [in a shallow grave|under mounds of earth|in primitive sarcophagi].
  • Baths, [soupy|green|syrupy|smelly|stinking|ice cold|refreshing|disease-ridden|swampy] water [fills|half-fills|partially fills] these [once glorious|crumbling|accursed|snake-filled|sentient] baths.
  • Black Church, outlawed in civilized lands, followers of this [blasphemous|evil|chaotic|sacrilegious|shunned|feared|detested] faith resort to hidden sites like this for their [unholy|occult|demonic|devilish|diabolical] worship.
  • Blibdoolpoolp Shrine, shrine where a group of [@StrangeAdjectives] kuo-toa worship their goddess Blibtoolpoolp. tags=kuo-toa,water monster=kuo-toa
  • Brewery, [ferments|distills|magically distills|alchemically ferments] [@Fermented] to produce [Article[@Flavors]], [@Flavors] [brew|beverage|drink|concoction|cordial|liqueur].
  • Bugbear Hovels, filthy bedding, bugbears hide within, seeking surprise. monster=bugbear tags=goblinoid
  • Butchering Chamber, overwhelming stench of decay, piles of rotting animal carcasses piled in center of the room, kobolds work [frantically|eagerly|methodically], butchering them with knives. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Butchery, blood stench, [grimy|slimy|blood-soaked|maggot-infested] table, butcher knives, cuts of [spoiled|dripping|fly-ridden|rotten|bloated|cured|salted] [@Animals]-meat hang from hooks.
  • Cavern Mine, tink, tink, think sound. goblin miners extract [[@PreciousMetals] ore|[@SemiPreciousMetals] ore|[gems]] into [buckets|boxes|chests|mining cart]. tags=mine,cave,goblin monster=goblin
  • Ceiling Shaft, cavern has shaft leading up in the [3d4]0' high ceiling. Leads to [the surface|a sub-level of the dungeon|a hidden treasure cache|[Article[<[Monster5e;terrain=*] lair]]]. tags=cave
  • Chapel, unholy place of worship to [Article[Demon Lord|repugnant evil God|Arch Devil|diabolical force|Evil Elemental Price]], worshipers are granted the effects of a blessing.
  • Chasm, a [gaping|bottomless|sheer] crevasse divides this cavern. tags=cave
  • Cistern, [@DungeonRoomQualities] chamber, flooded with [knee-high|a few inches|several feet] of [tepid|torpid|roiling|freezing|slimy|scummy|soupy|swampy|reeking|disease-filled|curative] water.
  • Clinic, a pile of [crude|barbaric|rusted|bloodstained] medical equipment is scattered across a table, next to a bed [long since abandoned|still fresh with blood|showing signs of disrepair|with a body carelessly left on it|that has been recently cleaned].
  • Cloister, [secluded|deranged|zealous|mad|sadistic|diseased] [nuns|monks|cultists] [huddle|gather|worship|lay in wait] in this [@DungeonRoomQualities] chamber.
  • Common Room, a few tables with stools and some benches lining the wall.
  • Copper Deposit, [<[@Adjectives]] mine cart lies on top of track made entirely of copper, with the occasional copper crystal in the wall. tags=mine,earth
  • Council Chamber, large table, chairs, map of [@DungeonMaps], sprawled out on table.
  • Crystal Deposit, crystals all over the mine shaft that shine radiant lights. tags=mine,earth
  • Crystal Pool, this [glittering|gleaming|shimmering|translucent|faintly glowing] pool affects those who drink. [Inflicts a curse of [@Curses].|[@Boons]|[@Banes]] tags=water
  • Dark Citadel, a dark shadow seals the area off to those who enter, unless they can defeat its occupants. monster=[wraith|shadow]
  • Dark Energy Deposit, a room filled with dark magic, which makes the floors and walls completely black.
  • Distillery, Three large clay vessels sit atop a raked out coal pit. Ancient copper pipes protrude from the top of the vessels and slant downward to the base of the neighboring vessel. Broken barrels and rusted hoops gather cobwebs in the corner, and a broken shelf with spigots and tongs hangs to the wall.
  • Domed Chamber, the lofty domed ceiling of this [@DungeonRoomQualities] room are painted with frescoes of [@StatueSubjects].
  • Dye Works, [bubbling|boiling|stagnant|reeking|foul|noxious] vats and cauldrons of [vivid|intense|translucent] [@BasicColors] and [<[@Colors]].
  • Ensorcelled Room, the walls of this [@DungeonRoomQualities] room are made of [@StructureMaterials], and [electricity sparks between them|animated faces are set into them|a strange humming sound permeates|those who enter become temporarily stunned].
  • Evil Altar, [a vile|an evil|a vibrating|a foul] [@AltarMaterials] altar decorated in [writhing|glowing|demonic|blasphemous|unholy|hard to focus on|exotic|bloody] [runes|symbols|writing|verses]. [@Banes]
  • Fallen Barricade, a [smashed|pulverized|breached] barricade of [furniture|timbers|detritus|corpses|wired stakes] was not enough to defend this room.
  • Flooded Room, [Article[stagnant|bubbling|[@BasicColors]|luke-warm|magical|healing|poison|diseased|inky]] pool of water occupies the concave, [@DungeonRoomQualities] floor. tags=water
  • Forge, [a glowing|an irradiated|a massive|a chipped|a green glowing|a cursed] anvil sits beside [Article[lava|red-hot fire|fire|magma|elemental fire|unholy fire|arcane fire|smoking fire]] pit.
  • Fortification, defenders, [at one point|some time in the past|long ago|recently], [put up|erected|built] this wall of [stone blocks|debris and wooden stakes|scrap metal], trying to hold off [an unknown threat|a rival force|[Article[@AnimalDispositions]] [<[Monster5e]]].
  • Fortified Room, something has set up a makeshift boulder fortification.
  • Foundry, [Article[massive|iron|bronze|rune-inscribed|cracked]] cauldron hangs suspended from the ceiling, used to pour molten [@PreciousMetals] into molds for [occult symbols|unholy symbols|wicked spikes|weapon heads|armor pieces|shields|machine parts].
  • Fountain of [[@StructureMaterials]|[@AltarMaterials]|marble|stone], decorated with statues of [@StatueSubjects], circulates [healing|restorative|sleep-inducing|intoxicating|toxic|refreshing|thirst-quenching|vision-inducing|magic-sapping|magic-granting|wish-granting] water.
  • Fungal Laboratory, High top tables littered with broken vials and brass instruments give the impression that this room might have been a workshop, but it has been overgrown with giant mushrooms, possibly from an experiment gone awry.
  • Fungal Laboratory, This foul smelling room looks as though it might have served as a workshop, but is now covered with giant mushrooms. High top tables line two of the walls and the floor is littered with broken vials and brass instruments.
  • Garbage Disposal, giant conveyer belt carries trash from higher layers of the dungeon to a giant flame. tags=fire
  • Garden, A lone [@Trees] tree is surrounded by an array of [<[@Colors]] flowers in the centre of this [strange|beautiful|unnatural|tranquil] room.
  • Gas Cavern, concentrated gasses saturate this cavern, [<[@GasEffects]] tags=cave
  • Gazebo, surrounded by [lush|fungal|weed-infested|insect-infested|magically-supported|fey-infused|well manicured|flowering|wilting|dead and decomposing] garden.
  • Giant Lizard Kennels, several of the [@AnimalDispositions] beasts are present. tags=kobold monster=giant_lizard qty=1d4+2
  • Glacial Cave, one side of this [frigid|expansive|snow covered|primeval] cavern is actually an exposed glacier, its [sheer|pitted|icy|daunting|impressive] face rising [2d4]0 feet high. tags=cave
  • Gold Deposit, the floors and walls of this mine shaft are mysteriously made entirely of gold, which, if you touch the walls or floors, [<[@Boons]] tags=mine
  • Granary, [numerous|orderly|haphazard|towering|forgotten] sacks of grain line the wall, [teeming with vermin|crawling with [@Vermin]|some recently ripped open|recently placed here|supporting a colony of [@BasicColors] molds].
  • Guard Post, group of [@PersonalityTraits] kobolds congregate around an old rusted gong. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Hatchery, kobold eggs float and incubate in a [slimy|brackish|green-hued|soupy] pool. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Hold, [@DungeonRoomQualities], [cramped|spike-laden|partially-flooded|magically sealed|vermin-infested] cell holding [Article[captive|unconscious|[@PersonalityTraits]]] [@Creature].
  • Holding Cells, crude [metal|log|brick|stone] prison cells where [sadistic|energetic|eager|laughing|[@PersonalityTraits]] kobolds torment [<[@Races]] victims. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Holding Pen, Musty straw covers three sides of this room and there are rotten wooden rails and fence posts laying about.
  • Hole, [2d6]0' deep hole, at the bottom is [Article[secret entrance to a lower dungeon level|secret door to a hidden treasure cache|colony of [@Vermin]|[@Creature]]].
  • Icehouse, [chilly|freezing|snowy|frigid] air, [@AltarMaterials] floor covered in [thin snow|frost], blocks of ice are kept cold by [magic spells|a Portal to the Elemental Plane of Ice|a bound ice devil|a servile ice elemental]. monster=ice_mephit
  • Illusionary Bridge, an illusionary bridge crosses a 20ft deep chasm in the center of this cavern. tags=cave
  • Kobold Warrens, over a dozen kobolds infest this maze-like, three-foot-high network of tunnels. tags=kobold monster=kobold qty=1d8+12
  • Library, the [volumes|books|scrolls] in this [forgotten|ancient|neglected] library are mostly [burned|falling apart|crumbling into dust|about [@CollectionItems]|dedicated to [@Interests]], but [one is|a few are|some are|one hidden one is] [in pristine condition|extremely valuable|holding a concentrated magic energy|capable of thought and speech|a dead wizard's spell book].
  • Malignant Energy, causes a sense of disorientation, PCs have trouble maintaining direction.
  • Midden, [staggering|heaping|vermin-infested|reeking|bloated] waste dump, contains countless bones, excrement, and other debris.
  • Mill, a [noisy|large|broken-down|makeshift|sturdy] mill powered by [Plural[@PackAnimals]], made to grind [ore|torture victims|grain|bones|stone|mortar].
  • Mine Shaft, A group of villagers are forced to mine by [@VillainAdjectives] elementals. tags=mine monster=earth_elemental
  • Mine Shaft, abandoned mine shaft littered with some [cursed|enchanted|glowing|poison] crystals. tags=mine
  • Mined Cavern, [1d3+1] mining carts filled with [@PreciousMetals] ore. tags=cave,mine
  • Mined Cavern, rough-hewn walls were [obviously|recently|apparently] mined for [[@PreciousMetals] ore|[@SemiPreciousMetals] ore|[gems]]. Mining picks and other tools are [strewn about|stacked against a wall|stored in a lockbox]. tags=mine,cave
  • Moat, a channel of [stagnant|putrid|bubbling|scalding|fuming|toxic|sentient|elemental|nearly-freezing] water divides this [@DungeonRoomQualities] area in two.
  • Mold, the floor in one the corners seems to be infested by a pale green mold.
  • Monster Lair, whatever made this lair of filthy hides, large branches, and leaves, is not here now. But they did leave behind [@MonstersLootBag].
  • Mortuary, rows of square shaped alcoves line the walls, corpses [covered in sheets|bearing unholy marks|in various stages of consumption|awaiting rebirth as undead|that bear evidence of experimental surgery] are contained therein. tags=tomb
  • Mosaic Room, the [walls are|walls and ceiling are|floor is|walls and floor are|entire room is] decorated in [a colorful|a faded|a beautiful|a disgusting|an unnerving|an unsettling|a horrifying] mosaic depicting [@StatueSubjects].
  • Moss Cavern, A narrow hole in the ceiling extends all the way to the surface letting in just enough light to let moss and a little grass grow on the cavern floor. tags=cave
  • Murder Room, iron grates run along the ceiling, where kobolds can maneuver, pouring burning oil on victims below. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Museum, [displays|examples] of [[@CollectionItems]|[<[Monster]] parts|taxidermied [Plural[@Animals]]] have been [lovingly|reverently|haphazardly|mysteriously] [arranged|lined up|placed|set on display] [in glass cases|on pedestals|along the walls].
  • Nave, [@DungeonRoomQualities] chamber, rows of [wormwood|spiked|nail-studded|metal|rusted|rotten] pews lead to a [modest|raised|sunken|destroyed|defiled|blasphemous|demonic|strangely-decorated|screened-off] [chancel|altar|pedestal|platform].
  • Necropolis, this [@DungeonRoomQualities] chamber is filled with upright stone tombs, containing [unquiet dead|remains of an ancient civilization|sleeping ghouls|vampire spawn|mostly inanimate mummies]. tags=tomb
  • Observatory, the ceiling of this [@DungeonRoomQualities] [chamber|room] [exposes|depicts|is an illusion of|enthralls those who look upon it with visions of|displays a view of] [[@Planes]|the celestial spheres|the constellations of the night sky|an ominous comet approaching|a mysterious [<[@Colors]] star].
  • Orc Guard Post, a contingent of [@PersonalityTraits] orcs support the kobold tribe in this [@DungeonRoomQualities] room. tags=kobold monster=orc
  • Ossuary, entire room decorated with thousands of bones, arranged in strange and [confusing|perplexing|mesmerizing|hypnotic|baffling] patterns. tags=tomb
  • Painted Cavern, the walls have been [painted|decorated] with [primitive|crude|mysterious|disturbing|informative|thought-provoking] [runes|arcane symbols|animal pictograms|hunting pictograms|erotic art]. tags=cave
  • Pantheon, ancient shrine to a host of long-forgotten pagan gods, statue of [RandomName;demons] dominates, a [woman|man|child|[@Animals]] with the [head|body|legs] of a [@Animals].
  • Pigsty, [@AnimalDispositions] [pigs|boars|giant boars|sows] [wallow|roll|lay listless] in a pit of [filth|mud|slime|ooze|mud littered with humanoid remains|a greasy white substance].
  • Place of Power, the air crackles with [@BasicColors] magical energy here, and all spell effects are [doubled|considered wild surges|randomized|twisted|absorbed|reflected].
  • Portal, [glittering|shining|radiant|unstable|shimmering|flickering] portal floats in the center of the room. Through it can be glimpsed: [<1[StripTags[@HexEncounters]]]
  • Quarters, [@DungeonRoomQualities] quarters of [Article[@EncounterDescriptors]] resident [hermit|scholar|pariah|explorer|researcher], currently [away|asleep|waiting in ambush|poisoned|wounded|dead in bed].
  • Ritual Chamber, [@DungeonRoomQualities] room, [black|burning|red|scarlet|glowing] candles, [@PersonalityTraits] [@Creature] manacled to [@AltarMaterials] altar.
  • Rough-Hewn Chamber, the walls of this [@DungeonRoomQualities] [chamber|area|room] are unfinished and rough.
  • Salon, [@DungeonRoomQualities] furnishings, a [smattering|collection|group] of [@StatueSubjects] statuettes, [impressive|crude|vulgar|stomach-turning|masterwork|eye-catching|torn|faded|possessed|haunted|sentient|cursed|blessed] portrait of [Article[@Creature]].
  • Sanctuary, [towering|imposing|dreadful|frightening|horrible|sanity-draining] [statue|shrine|sculpture|relic] of [evil deity|demon lord|arch devil|something from beyond this plane], evil creatures have powerful boons here.
  • Sanctum, [glowing|haloed|radiant|blessed|holy|divine|angelic] statue of [Article[saint|minor god|demi-god|anointed hero|famous martyr|legendary priest|legendary priestess]], safe spot to rest in the dungeon.
  • Scriptorium, [a dozen|rows of|a cluster of|two|several|three identical] [crazed-looking|insane|elderly|other-worldly|frail|incorporeal|demonic|possessed|[@PersonalityTraits]] [men|women|scribes|figures] [frantically|rigorously|relentlessly|tirelessly|studiously|lovingly] copy from [cursed|magical|exotic|occult|reference|blank] [tomes|journals|books|scrolls|documents].
  • Slaughterhouse, meathooks hang from [@DungeonRoomQualities] room, blood from slaughtered [Plural[[@Creature]|[@Animals]]] goes down drain in floor to feed [black pudding|vampire spawn|carrion crawler|chuul|demon|ghoul|grell|grick|grimlock|hag|harpy|hook horror|jackalwere|wererat|manticore|naga|grey ooze|green slime|ochre jelly|roper|purple worm|quaggoth|stirge|troll|gnoll] colony below.
  • Slimy Slide, rough hall slopes at a downward angle, the wet floor at the bottom is covered in slimy moss. tags=ooze
  • Small Fire, group of fire elementals are dancing around a small campfire. Burnt-out corpses decorate the floor of this room. tags=fire monster=fire_elemental
  • Small Lake, group of lilypads adorn the top of the lake, each with a beautiful flower on it. tags=water
  • Small Pool, pool of water surrounds a small statue of [@StatueSubjects]. If you [touch|rub|twist] it, it [<[@Boons]] tags=water
  • Smithy, anvil, blacksmith tools, [@DungeonRoomQualities], [cold|fiery|burning|steaming|smoking|irradiated|magical] forge, [poor quality|rusted|serviceable|badly-made] [Plural[@Weapons]].
  • Soundless Chamber, sound cannot carry in this [@StrangeAdjectives] chamber.
  • Spawning Pits, [bubbling|boiling|swirling|stagnant|steaming|scummy] [fluid|waters|liquid|ichor] fills a [hexagonal|ornately carved|geometric|oval|round|concave|rectangular] pool, and [mysterious|obscene|mind-shattering|loathsome|abberant|monstrous|alien|unnatural|vile|abominable] forms mingle.
  • Stables, [@DungeonRoomQualities] stables contain [@AnimalDispositions] [draft horses|war horses|riding horses|worgs|steeders|mules|donkeys].
  • Stained Glass windows in [unholy|magically-darkened|demon-infested|spirit-infested|poltergeist-lair|gothic|vaulted|[@DungeonRoomQualities]] chamber, depict [@StatueSubjects].
  • Stockroom, stores [@StoreroomItems], [@StoreroomItems], and other mundane items.
  • Storage Cavern, a disaster of decomposing food, animal carcasses, and rotting fruit and vegetables. monster=swarm_of_insects
  • Study, [Article[@DungeonRoomQualities]] [room|chamber] with a [@AltarMaterials] table, [@Trees] chairs, [@PersonalityTraits] portraits, and [an aged|a cursed|an arcane|a rare|a gilded] book entitled "[@BookTitles]".
  • Submerged Ooze, Chamber flooded knee-deep with water. [^[@AnimalDispositions]] gelatinous cube makes a nest squeezed in a pit here, all but undetectable, but easy to step on. monster=gelatinous_cube tags=ooze
  • Submerged Trap, passage flooded knee deep, hunting trap hidden under water. tags=trap,water
  • Tall Room, [several|two|a couple of|three|four] [sagging|crumbling|ornate|decorated|draped|stylish|damaged] balconies overlook the [@DungeonRoomQualities] chamber.
  • Temple, a [horrific|blasphemous|revulsive|repulsive] [idol|statue|altar] of [Article[monstrous|demonic|diabolic|aberrant]] [deity|prince|god], surrounded by [@AltarMaterials] pews. For its monstrous worshipers, [<[@Boons]]
  • Training Hall, floor covered with [soft|pitted|stained|ripped|torn] mats, [several|a few|many|a handful of] [broken|old|inferior] [Plural[@Weapons]] lie about.
  • Trapsmith Workshop, the kobold trapsmith works in [hisher] shop with [hisher] assistants, numerous improvised weapons abound. tags=kobold monster=kobold
  • Twisty Maze, the round, [confusing|noxious-smelling|earthen|humid|claustrophobic|disorienting|pitch black] tunnels are only high enough for small creatures to pass upright, others must crawl.
  • Waterfall, [disgusting|putrid|crystal-clear|potable|poisonous|murky|milky] water drains from [thin air|the ceiling|a wall pipe|a statue's mouth] into a [long|wooden|filthy|tin|dented|blackened|moldy|crumbling] [trough|bath|basin|bowl].
  • Webbed Room, a [@AnimalDispositions] giant spider and her brood [lurk|lair|dwell] here. monster=giant_spider
  • Well, this [2d10]0 foot deep, [@DungeonRoomQualities] well, leads to [[@Vermin] colony|treasure cache|magic item|secret door to a lower dungeon level|secret dungeon level|deeper dungeon level|lost catacomb|lost crypt|freezing water pool|noxious water pool|blessed water pool|boiling water pool|sentient water pool|Elemental Water pool].
  • Wet Cave, the walls of this cavernous chamber drip with [slime|water|acid|liquified faerzress|blood]. tags=cave
  • Wine Cellar, [racks|shelves|casks|kegs|barrels] of [spoiled|bad|exceptional|fine|good|aromatic] wine of apparent [<[@Races]] varietals.
  • Workshop, [cluttered|disorganized|well-organized|well-stocked], [@DungeonRoomQualities] work area with tools for [dungeon repair|stone masonry|metal-working|leather-working|maintenance jobs].
  • Worship Chamber, crude wooden pews surrounding a stone dais. A rough-hewn representation of kobold god [RandomName;dragon] sits menacingly in the center. tags=kobold monster=kobold