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Dungeon Theme Bosses

Table Key: DungeonThemeBosses

Bosses for dungeon themes.

Kaddir the Gehr is a dwarven earth cultist who has been preparing a ritual to summon Ogrèmoch. He is known to impale his opponents with a sword made entirely of gold and silver. theme=earth

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  • [RandomName;kobold] [RandomName;kobold] is a salamander barbarian who fights for Imix, the Prince of Evil Fire Creatures. He consumes [fire|magma|lava|heat|his own kind] to keep himself in top form whenever he terrorizes a city. theme=fire
  • [RandomName;kobold] [RandomName;kobold] is the kobold "great wyrm" of the tribe. [^[Article[@PersonalityTraits]]] leader, [he|she] uses [@MethodsofControl] to maintain [a grip on|firm control of|standing in] the tribe. theme=kobold
  • [RandomName;kobold] [RandomName;kobold] is the kobold mercenary hired by an evil benefactor to guard a treasure. [He|She] uses [Article[@Weapons]] to kill any trespassers who try to steal the treasure. theme=kobold
  • [@DwarfNames] is a Dwarven warrior who has gone insane from overexposure to dark magic. He is prone to creating dark magic with his corrupted [staff|pickaxe]. theme=darkness
  • [@HumanNames] is a water genasi who rules over [@TownNames] as a tyrant. [He|She] kills anyone who tries to rebel by [suffocating them with water|sending a giant [@AquaticRaces] at them|ordering their execution|using water to pierce them from the inside]. theme=water
  • Ogrèmoch is the Elemental Prince of Evil Earth in the Earthern Plane. He has been summoned to this dungeon by his followers and uses his earthen body to create earthquakes. theme=earth
  • A giant earth elemental with no name, who seems to be causing earthquakes and creating tunnels. theme=earth
  • A gigantic [@Undead] of pure darkness, which has control of dark energies. It creates rifts which releases hordes of [Plural[@Undead]] into the world. theme=darkness
  • A gigantic [white|black|red|blue|green] dragon is the protecter of a great kobold tribe. It demands sacrifices of kobold and meat every year and has been known to destroy at least one kingdom. theme=kobold
  • [@ElfNames] is a drow [ranger|fighter|thief] who has the ability to raise the dead. [He|She] has been raising a army of the undead to prepare to kill all elves. theme=darkness
  • [@DwarfNames] is a dwarven earth cultist who has been preparing a ritual to summon Ogrèmoch. He is known to impale his opponents with a [sword|lance|katana|bastard sword] made entirely of gold and silver. theme=earth
  • [@ElfNames] is an elven water cultist who seeks to flood the world with the powers of Olhydra. [^[heshe]] uses a staff made of sapphire to control an army of [Plural[@AquaticRaces]] and to create a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water. theme=water