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Dungeon Theme Flair

Table Key: DungeonThemeFlair

Pieces of extra flair that can appear in dungeon rooms that are theme-specific. Use the theme=X tag to denote the theme. Preface the entry with "Contains:" for general dungeon dressing, "Trap:" for traps, etc.

Trap: swarm of centipedes released from the ceiling, triggered by the sound of speech theme=kobold

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All Entires

  • Contains: A crystal of pure darkness which, upon touching it, [<[@Banes]] theme=darkness
  • Contains: A small sign made of gold which has [the directions to the ritual chamber|the rules that all earth cultists follow|a map of the dungeon] drawn on it theme=earth
  • Contains: A small statue made of water dedicated to [@HumanNames], a famous water genasi in the Elemental Plane of Water. theme=water
  • Contains: A wall mural of Olhydra giving power to an army of [Plural[@AquaticRaces]]. theme=water
  • Monsters: [@HumanNames] is [Article[@AgeCategories]] human water cultist who is put in charge of [defending|cleaning|repairing|patrolling] the dungeon. He treats his job as being more important than his life. theme=water
  • Monsters: [RandomName:kobold] the [@Adjectives] is [Article[@PersonalityTraits]], [@AgeCategories] kobold who seeks to usurp the leadership of the tribe. theme=kobold
  • Monsters: [@HumanNames] the [@Adjectives] is an undead liche who roams the halls of this dungeon. [^[HeShe]] uses necromancy to raise those [heshe] kills in battle to make more liches. theme=darkness
  • Monsters: A tamed bulette, which seems to carry [gold|silver|copper|rubies|sapphires|magic crystals|maps|healing potions] in the sack on it's back. It seems to have a scar on it's [face|belly|back|hide]. theme=earth
  • Trap: A swarm of [locusts|wasps|ghosts] start pouring from small holes in the walls, triggered by [@TrapTriggers]. theme=darkness
  • Trap: concealed pit filled with [venomous snakes|giant centipedes|rot grubs|zombie parts|black pudding] theme=kobold
  • Trap: Holes in the room open and slowly fill the room with water, triggered by [@TrapTriggers]. theme=water
  • Trap: small catapults hurl [jars of green slime|vials of acid|vials of alchemist's fire|grey ooze matter|black pudding matter|ochre jelly matter|mini gelatinous cubes], triggered by [@TrapTriggers] theme=kobold
  • Trap: swarm of [spiders|centipedes|wasps] released from the ceiling, triggered by [@TrapTriggers] theme=kobold
  • Trap: The floor starts turning into quicksand because of a magic crystal that activates via [@TrapTriggers] theme=earth