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Inn of Clowns

a rough caravan cul-de-sac, northwest of the central fresh-water pool. Known for its finely-manicured flower beds.

can be seen from the gates, so brilliant are the signs and inlay on its eavesIt has roughly-hewn wooden tables and benches. The establishment is a notorious brothel, featuring elaborate, extremely life-like murals of nymphs and other woodland creatures frolicking in the forest.

  • Aldouin: elderly male; lusty, interested in conducting seances.

  • Alde: very young female dwarf serving wench; mean, interested in folklore.
  • Nelphevist: old male elf bouncer; agreeable, slobbish.
  • Nacket Waypen: younger female gnome paid companion; glum, living in the shadow of a heroic brother, wants nothing more than to do something important to make a name for herself.
  • Bread beer (3cp)
  • Rockdorn Hard Cider (6cp)

  • Never-ending troll shank (1cp)
  • Bread and cheese (4cp)
  • Sitting at a nearby table is a group of obsequious townsfolk who can't get enough of the PCs stories, they could easily turn into parasitic hangers-on.

Nuts & Bolts

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