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The Honest Heroes

a traders' quarter.

sits squarely atop a short hill, surrounded by stone turrets and pens full of muddy camelsThere are rows of comfortable benches and antique chairs. The inn is a well-known favorite of adventuring bands, and recently no less than three made their home here. When one of them returned with an impressive haul of treasure, they were slaughtered in the night by the other two.

  • Brannon Rocence: Ancient male; laconic, feels that a local merchant was responsible for his financial ruin, and now wants to see that merchant go down as well.

  • Ferret Nessleaf: Ancient male halfling bouncer; overly polite, disloyal.
  • Burgretty Burncreek: middle aged female concierge; klutzy, chronic bed wetter.
  • Thor Lutnaheim's Special Ale (2gp)
  • Ale (4cp)
  • Blackbrew (1sp)
  • "Clean" water (1cp)

  • Dark bread of rye (1cp)
  • Sauteed phoenix (2gp)
  • Lampreys with hot sauce (1sp)
  • Vegetable stew (4cp)
  • An eccentric looking figure near the entrance gets up and approaches the PCs. He claims to be an alchemist, and offers to sell them glow chalk.
  • A troop of six gregarious soldiers enter the room and look around warily, looking for someone, but clearly out of place in the inn. That someone could be an NPC close to one of the PCs.

Nuts & Bolts

The Inn/Tavern Generator makes use of the following tables.  You can add your own content to any of these Tables to keep the results fresh and interesting!