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   Fantasy Inn/Tavern Generator

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an out of the way residential ward, close by Bendsether Park. It is next to a well-kept graveyard lined with expensive tombs.

is a rectangular, stone structure that was once an armoryIt has rows of finely-crafted tables and chairs. Somewhere in this tavern is a very special door. Once opened, this door is a portal to Ravenloft. It always opens to the same place.

  • Phaleucia Thughathord: middle aged male; quarrelsome, wears something black every day.

  • Pridonna Teagallow: elderly female halfling serving wench; quarrelsome, sings old songs all the time.
  • Misey Hydeld: younger female serving wench; batshit crazy, brave.
  • Tobard Livere: Ancient male bard; beady eyes.
  • Aley the Nihilistic: middle aged male server; low-voiced, has always been fascinated with magic, and would do anything to learn its secrets.
  • Braggot (honey and hops) (5cp)

  • Bream and eel pasties (8cp)
  • Roast boar with beets and apples (1sp)
  • All you can eat troll leg (2sp)
  • Venison (1sp)
  • A young man sits at a nearby table, drawing glances with his sublime beauty. This disguised angel seeks agents on this plane for an important mission from his god.
  • Sitting near the fireplace is a group of happy drunks who want to drink the PCs under the table. One of them is Cliell, a haughty fighter and possible NPC hireling.

Nuts & Bolts

The Inn/Tavern Generator makes use of the following tables.  You can add your own content to any of these Tables to keep the results fresh and interesting!