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The Bearer Saloon

The High Quarter, northeast of the central fresh-water pool. Known for having the best weapon smiths in the settlement. It is next to a cutting edge printing operation that produces entertainment pamphlets.

is large and openIt has religiously carved wooden doors. A spacious private bath is available to guests. The costly service grants 10 temporary hp.

  • Eric Bravesthyde: middle aged male; combative, very tall.

  • Stangerna: younger female concierge; ignorant, big nose.
  • Clean water (1cp)

  • Buckwheat bread and blue cheese (1cp)
  • Beef marrow fritters (1cp)
  • Fritters (1cp)
  • Salmon fried with vinegar and wine (3cp)
  • A pious half-elf arrives and begins harassing every other half-elf at the inn. She explains that it’s her purpose to spread the word of her deity and to convert as many of her people as she can.
  • Everyone politely ignores the lone woman with the bleeding head sitting at the largest table in the common room. That is, until she begins to seizure and collapses to the floor, and an intellect devourer scrambles out of her skull.

Nuts & Bolts

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