Every Dungeon Master deserves a Muse

The Hirelings below use my mash-up of the standard DW Hireling rules, and Perilous Wilds Followers. There should be enough here for you to adapt the Hirelings to whatever ruleset you use.

Steading Type:

Gillogerry Chiltothaltis
Cost: Renown
Personality: beady eyes
Physical: freckles
Loyalty: 1
Hit Points: 8
Damage Die: d6
  • Forager (3)
Gear: hunting traps, 2 random handle(s) to various tools, small tapestry
Load: 4
Doanoe Brishadaund
Cost: Renown
Personality: missing finger, blinks more than normal
Physical: high-pitched voice
Loyalty: 0
Hit Points: 4
Damage Die: d8
  • Specialist (sea shells) (3)
  • Porter (2)
Gear: hourglass, block and tackle
Load: 7