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Steading Type:

Town of Newwich
Wealthy, Steady, Militia, Trade(Low Purplewood), Trade(Torchfall), Personage(Rowand Underpie), Oath(Lowmore)
  • Governed by a near-sighted sheriff
  • is home to legendary sage
  • offers defense to others
  • Faction: Clan's syndicate of moneylenders

  • Prosperity Wealthy: Any mundane item can be found for sale. Most kinds of skilled laborers are available, but demand is high for their time.
  • Population Steady: The population is in line with the current size of the steading. Some slow growth.
  • Defenses Militia: There are able-bodied men and women with worn weapons ready to be called, but no standing force.
  • Trade: The steading regularly trades with the listed steadings.
  • Personage: There's a notable person who makes their home here. Give them a name and a short note on why they're notable.
  • Oath: The steading has sworn oaths to the listed steadings. These oaths are generally of fealty or support, but may be more specific.